How do I install MYM12 in XP or Vista?

It's really easy to install and run MYM12 in XP or Vista. All you need to do is run the install program from the MYM12 CD and follow the prompts. The install program will install MYM12 on your machine correctly with a blank dataset. Once you have it installed, you can simply copy your dataset folder from your old machine, to the new XP/Vista machine. When you run MYM12, you can load your dataset and you're all set. If the display of MYM12 inside XP/Vista is only 1/2 screen, you can press Alt-Enter to toggle to full-screen mode. If the display change is not permanent, you can view the steps here make to the MYM12 icon on your desktop that will make it permanent. Other than that, moving to XP/Vista is simple!