How do I expand the window in Windows XP to take up the entire screen?

Following are instructions to get MYM to display in full-screen mode in XP.

Basically, one has to be familiar with video and general above general knowledge of pc.

It has to do with 2 setups, MYM ( when in mym) and MYM shortcut.

Start with the shortcut (right-click and select 'Properties')
Screen : must be in windows (change at end to full)
Program: run maximized
Font: True type only, font size 13x22
Memory: check all boxes, auto
Compatibility; none to all

Open MYM (window size, not full)
Right-click on the upper part of the window
select 'Properties'

Font; set to 24, Lucida console
Layout; Buffer size; 80,25
win size; 80,25
win pos; 12,15
let sys; not checked
options; cur size; small
display option; window
edit option; insert mode
comm. his; 61,55
discar old dup; not checked