I want to print to my USB printer.

Personally, I now use the utility DosPrn to handle printing from MYM12 to my USB printer. I have used many of the free solutions listed below, but I now use DosPrn instead. This utility recognizes your printers that are configured in Windows and gives you the ability to map that to the LPT1 port. Within MYM12, you simply print to a printer and DosPrn then forwards that to the designated printer. It's easy to set up and simple to use - just as it was with your old parallel-connected printer. The utility has a free use period to try it out before purchasing.


If you want to try to configure your printer in Windows to print, you can try the following:

MYM wants to print to LPT1:, which was always the printer connected to the parallel port (which few PCs have any more). But Windows networking will let you assign the name LPT1: to any network printer, and MYM works with such printers. Say your network printer name is MYPRINTER, on a PC named MYPC. Then run the following command (from a DOS window, or using the Start/Run menu choice):
net use LPT1: \\MYPC\MYPRINTER /persistent:yes

“Now when you try to print from MYM, it works. I've been using this for years, under every version of Windows through XP (I haven't tried Vista yet). But, if you want to print to a local USB printer, not a network printer then the solution is emotionally dissatisfying, but it works: share the USB printer. You can do this with the Control Panel’s Printers and Faxes applet (see below). Once you share it, you can run the ‘net use’ command. I've done this for laptops, and it works with MYM.

“Here’s how you do the ‘share’ thing:

“Open the Control Panel and select Printers and Faxes. You should see a list or box of printers (or maybe only one). Right click on the printer you want to use, and select Properties from the pop-up menu that appears. The Properties window that opens has a lot of tabs, one of which is labeled ‘Sharing.’ Select that tab, and then click the radio button ‘Share this printer.’ It will fill in the blank for ‘Share name’ for you, but the name it fills in may be long and have spaces, which would make the ‘net use’ command harder to run later, so enter a short, easy to type name instead – perhaps ‘MYMPrint.’ Click the Okay button to close the Properties window. If you are running security software, it may pop up and ask if you intended to do what you just did, and you’ll have to say it’s okay.

“Next, you need to know your PC's name. (If you don't know it, use the Control Panel and select System, which will open a Properties window. Click on the tab labeled ‘Computer Name.’ The ‘Full computer name:’ will be displayed (always followed by a period that is NOT part of the name). Take note of it and cancel to close the window.

“Suppose your computer name is called mypc. Finally, use Start/Run and type the command

net use lpt1: \\mypc\MYMPrint /persistent:yes

“And now MYM should print. I've been using the "net use" trick for years and years successfully, but with real network printers. The second level of the trick, of sharing a local printer and then "net use" it from the same PC, worked for me in the past but I haven't actually had a local printer on a laptop and used it lately.”

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Printing works great by enabling "printer pooling" under the "Ports" tab in printer properties.

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There are a few more workarounds to get MYM to print to a USB printer. I have my
USB assigned to LPT1 in Windows Printer Setup so it works. I also have a
network printer that can be assigned. But, I still have my parallel printer
connected to my machine and usually print directly there. Here's a link to
a website that can help you:
http://www.decompile.com/dataflex/tips/usb_printer.htm. I put mine on LPT3
and it's working like a charm although it takes about a minute to start

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Check out this shareware application that http://www.dosprn.com/index.htm.

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A program called "print to PDF" which generates a .pdf from the print command, then print from Acrobat.

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http://dos2usb.com/ There's a free trial download but the program only costs $19.99 and you can even print to a PDF!