How do I restore from a recent backup?

Restoring a backup: Since you have a blank MYM12 on your machine, all you need to do is copy the contents of your backups to the dataset directories under the MYM directory on your machine. Example: You have MYM12 installed on your hard drive in a directory named c:\mym12. Under the c:\mym12 directory are dataset directories. A fresh install of MYM12 puts two datasets named "current" and "original". What you want to do is replace the contents of the dataset directory on the hard drive named "current" with the contents of your backup. If your backup was through MYM and has individual files (asset.dbs, budget.dbs, etc.) all you need to do is copy those files over the existing ones. If your backup was made by you and it is an entire folder with the individual files under that, just copy the entire folder under c:\mym12 directory and run that dataset.