What is MYMLOCK and why should I use it?

Opening two copies of MYM at the same time in Windows is the biggest cause for corrupted data. Most of the time, your data is corrupted beyond repair and you will need to revert back to a recent backup. As for not opening multiple copies of MYM, here is a little prize I developed for making sure this never happens again. It's name is MYMLOCK.BAT. All you need to do is copy this file into your current MYM directory. Edit the file and change the path to match your MYM path. (Currently, it is set up as c:\mym12\). Then, change your desktop icon to run MYMLOCK.BAT instead of MYM.EXE. (You can change your icon back to the MYM12.ICO for that shortcut's properties.) What the batch file does is create a temporary file on your disk in that directory and then goes to run MYM. If that file already exists, then MYM must already be running and therefore won't open a new copy. Works like a charm! Enjoy.

Here's the contents of the MYMLOCK batch file:

@echo off
rem ************Will prevent starting MYM more than once while running
rem *************in Windows.
rem ************Place copy of this batch file in MYM directory.
rem *********** Select MYM icon.
rem *********** Select PROPERTIES in Program Manager FILE menu.
rem *********** On command line enter MYMLOCK.BAT

rem *** Change the following lines to match your MYM path ***

rem *********** Check to see if inuse.flg exists
if exist inuse.flg goto running
rem *********** Creates file called inuse.flg
echo anything>inuse.flg
rem *********** Deletes inuse.flg file at normal end of job.
del inuse.flg
goto end
echo MYM is already running!
@echo on