I want to export my Card File entries into Excel.

Here's how to get Card File records into Excel.

Run MYM12

- Go to Card File
- Press F4 to Print
--- Mark just a couple of cards for now so you can see what's going on
- Press F7 to export these marked cards
- Select the fields you wish to export (the names - first,last,mi.. are in the last section in bottom right corner)
- Press Action Key to export the records
- Enter a filename for the report (I entered "Export")
- Press Action Key to export

Run Excel

- Go to File and Select "Open"
- Point to the filename you exported from MYM ("Export" in your dataset directory)

You'll now be in the "Text Import Wizard" in Excel

In Step 1 of the Wizard
- Choose the "Delimited" choice instead of "Fixed Length"
- Start on row 1
- Select DOS from the dropdown
- Click on Next button

In Step 2 of the Wizard
- Choose "Comma" ONLY in the "Delimiters" section. (All other choices should be unchecked!)
- Uncheck "Treat consecutive delimiters as one"
- Select "Text Qualifier" as double-quote (") - mine is first item in dropdown
- Click on Next button

In Step 3 of the Wizard
- You can leave all columns marked as "General" for now. (Although most should be marked as "Text" so Excel doesn't try to do any math operations on the column values.)
- Click on the Finish button

TaDa! You'll now have a spreadsheet with the contents of your Card File. Each column has a label and all the records fall below. Only the first line (70 characters) of your memo in MYM will come thru though. You cannot change the order of the columns in MYM but you can switch them once imported into Excel. You'll be able to see the progress of the report as you go thru the wizard choices.