I don't have an option to Close Out Prior Year and I already have two years of data in my dataset. How do I close out so I don't end up with three years of data?

Try this trick: Make a copy of the little.dbs and budget.dbs files as they currently exist in your dataset (so we can revert back to them just in case). Then, using the install program, re-install a new little.dbs into the dataset folder with your current data (mine is named "CURRENT"). After installing a fresh little.dbs, run MYM and it will think you are a first time user. Enter MYM with a date of 1/1/2006. This will "brand" the data as 2006 data. Exit MYM, saving changes. Enter MYM. Now enter a date of 1/1/2007 on the Welcome screen. MYM should give you the Starting a New Year message with the option for going through COPY to close out your 2006 data (you can do this now or skip to the next step). Exit MYM, saving changes. Enter MYM. Now, enter 1/1/2008. You'll get the Starting a New Year message and now be forced to close out 2006 (if you didn't already) since you can only keep two years of data open in a dataset. You should now be able to close out 2006 and 2007 (if you choose) and have 2008 transactions in this dataset.

Let me know if this trick works for you. If not, then I'll need for you to send me your little.dbs and budget.dbs and I'll do the trickery stuff manually so when you get the data back and enter a 2008date on the Welcome screen, you'll be forced to go through COPY to close out 2006.