I changed the location of MYM from my C drive to my D drive. How do I update my Desktop icon to point to the new location?

Since you changed the location of MYM, you need to tell the shortcut on your desktop where the new working folder is. Right-Click on the icon and you can see the file that it will execute (MYM.EXE) and below that, you can enter the working folder. Be sure to set this folder to the same folder where the MYM.EXE exists. If that doesn't work, then try opening a Command Prompt/DOS Prompt window and change into the MYM folder using DOS commands (example: cd\mym12). Once you are in the MYM folder, try typing MYM to run the MYM.EXE. Sounds like just the shortcut working folder is incorrect though. And, be sure you're running MYM.EXE and not using the .PIF file.