What are the new features in MYM12 and why should I upgrade?

You'll find tons of new functionality in version 12 and it is the most stable version ever. Yes, you can install MYM12 and it will make a copy of your prior version of MYM data and then convert it to MYM12 format. You can choose to keep the prior version of MYM to view old data or upgrade old datasets to MYM12 as well. Here is a list of features that are new from MYM11 to MYM12 (I don't have a list of features from MYM10 to MYM11). The biggest feature is that it is more stable and we continue to support and provide patches for MYM12.



Multiple allocations - When making or revising multiple budget category or account allocations, now you can jump quickly among allocations you've already made. This is a big time saver especially when you're changing a transaction with a complicated set of allocations, such as your pay check.

Budget category graphs - When you view a graph of a single category, you'll now see the category name in the graph's title.

Payee Search - There's a faster Payee Search by letting you find both Spend and Receive transactions involving the current Payee.

CheckFree - When you choose a CheckFree merchant that does not match the payee you've entered for a transaction, MYM's warning message now displays both names which also contains a clearer text.

On Merchant List you'll now see the number of merchants with payments pending.

We've updated the zip code list. Also, we disabled CheckFree's former restriction on area codes to permit codes that have been added during the past year.

Before MYM dials CheckFree, the Pending list now includes all information that will be transmitted. This includes Email, Merchants, Inquiries and, of course, payments.

Quick List - Now you can move an existing Quick transaction into a group by highlighting it and pressing F5. This will be a big time saver for those who have large Quick Lists they want to organize into groups.

The Quick List shows your current account balance as well as what the balance will be if you execute the transactions you've marked. MYM will now tell you how many you've marked, too.

Reconcile - So that you can locate a reconciled transaction in seconds, the great Locate feature from the Check Register has been added to the Reconcile Account list.

Now your reconcile register will match your check register by using new Advanced Sort on the Reconcile screen.

Also added is the ability to move a transaction to another account from the Reconcile list. This is great because it's often while balancing your checkbook that you find transactions you've entered in the wrong account.

Note this change: When you reconcile a credit card account, you no longer have to enter a negative amount to indicate the account balance. MYM now assumes the amount you enter is the amount you owe.

Control-V – Highlight a transaction and press “Ctrl-v” to bring up a list of transactions in all accounts that match the payee/payor name. Press F2 to display any transaction’s details.


Card File - Have you ever been ready to print from your Card File, then decided you wanted to change something first? We've added the ability to View/Edit or Delete any card before printing, right from the list you get from the main Card File screen.


ROI - Weve added a new Return on Investment Analysis feature that will calculate ROI for an individual asset or an entire Portfolio. Now you dont have to leave MYM and do the calculations in a separate spread sheet. MYM lets you analyze transactions associated with a security or portfolio, to determine your net gain, or loss, over time.

Buy Assets - When you use the Alt O Option Builder, MYM creates the option symbol for you which makes it faster and easier to use.

Analyze Assets - A frequently requested feature is display totals for columns that previously didn't have them, the DOS 12 version will now have this feature.

We've modified the capital gains advice to reflect updated Capitol Gains laws.

Now we can display unrealized capital gains when you have two years of data open. If your dataset is in COPY limbo, when you display This Years Data we now display Unrealized Capitol Gains.

Display Assets - When you're viewing the detail of an aggregated asset, you now can view an individual lot within the aggregated item.

Update Prices - You can now import prices into any dataset from your last QuoteLink download without having to call CompuServe. If you have multiple datasets with same symbols, used revert to saved, you can recall the last downloaded prices. Also works with MYM Monitor.

You now can choose whether Update Prices updates the history as well, or just the current prices. You can do this for all assets or for a single asset.

After you downloaded new prices with QuoteLink, MYM will display the new information on the screen. If you attempt to leave this screen before saving the information, MYM will ask if you want to save so you won't lose information inadvertently.

Historical Prices - Now you can select specific days of the week to include in a historical prices graph for more depth analysis.

Control-V – Highlight any asset and press “Ctrl-v” to list assets in all accounts which match the name highlighted.

General, File and Help

Find (Speed Scroll) - This may be one of the more popular improvements. MYM-12 provides a friendlier "Find," or Speed Scroll, function. Find works on lists in the DESK, MONEY, and PORTFOLIO sections. You can type the first few characters of an entry you're looking for on a list and Find takes you to a matching entry. Trouble is, Find hasn't been very intelligent. Until now.

MYM is smarter in V12. It'll jump to the first entry that matches what you've typed, as before. But as soon as it encounters a character we can't match, we cancel Find. We beep and display any characters we could not match, along with the text *No Match*.

Also in V12, if you move to another field during Find on any scroll list, such as the budget category list, it clears the character buffer so that you can start fresh and look for another category.

Overall Speed Improvements when building lists - In MYM 12 the Display Assets, the Quick List and the Reconcile List screens now comes up more quickly which is a big time saver.

Last date - The welcome screen now displays the last date you made entries and saved your data before exiting MYM.

Printer setup - The page length now correctly defaults to 10.5 inches for Hewlett-Packard printers.