I love Managing Your Money (MYM12) and I cannot imagine using any other financial software for my personal finances. I have been helping fellow MYMers for many years and have a link on Andrew Tobias's website (www.andrewtobias.com) as a resource for MYM Help.

Below I have listed some Tips and FAQ's I have compiled throughout the years. Please look through the information to see if your question has already been addressed. If not, feel free to email me at mym12.help@gmail.com. I often change my email address when the SPAM becomes overwhelming in my email account, so be sure to bookmark this webpage to keep up-to-date with any changes.

Also, as I can only do this in my spare time, I do not check my MYM mail every day so be patient if I do not respond immediately.



1) MYM12! If you are running a prior version of MYM DOS, I highly recommend upgrading to MYM12. It is much more stable and has many new features (mostly user-requested).

2) Use MYMLOCK to run MYM instead of running MYM.EXE directly. Opening two copies of MYM at the same time in Windows is the biggest cause of corrupted data. Most of the time, the data is corrupted beyond repair and you will need to revert to a recent backup. I have also created a utility to launch MYM and automatically back up your data upon exiting.

3) BACK UP your data! Be sure to keep rotating backups so you never overwrite your last good backup with potentially corrupted data.


How I run MYM12 in Windows 11 (or any 64-bit version of Windows).

A backup utility to automatically back up my MYM dataset.

Printing to a USB or Network printer from MYM.

A really cool way to run MYM!


** Import Stock Prices into MYM12 Again! **

What!?! MYM12 is getting better??? YES it is! You can now import stock prices into MYM again! Get automated stock prices in MYM again with the help of Microsoft Excel. Create a list of stock symbols in an Excel spreadsheet and Excel looks up the current prices and updates the spreadsheet automatically. Using the new MYMStocks utility I created, export the updated prices into a file for MYM to import. It's like having the old QuoteLink work again! No more manually entering and updating prices in MYM!! I have a template Excel spreadsheet ready for you to download and imput your own stock sysmbols into. If you want, I can even create a spreadsheet of your sysmbols for you if you export and send me your Update Prices list. AMAZING! Contact me for more information and instructions or click here to see more.


I've put together a list of some FAQ's and corresponding responses:




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Currently, you can email me at: mym12.help@gmail.com ... NOTE: I often change my email address when the SPAM becomes overwhelming.


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